About Me

Jingyun 2021

Right now, I'm co-founder & CEO of Shuni: we're building better therapy and starting by tackling insomnia. I'm both a believer in the potential of technology and a bit of a hippie. I believe technology should support the work of providers, not replace them. Technology + human ingenuity = better therapy.

I'm a 1st generation immigrant, born in Wuhan 😨 and grew up in Michigan. I studied Biology at MIT then Math at Michigan State. Before Shuni, I was an AI research scientist at Accenture, where I built software systems and consulted on enterprise strategy. I fell in love with horseback riding in college, and I still go every weekend. I have a bad book addiction and dabble in photography and art. Like many other people in the Bay Area, I love hiking and nature. Mostly, I'm a person in the world trying to grow and make a positive impact.

You can connect with me on Twitter and Instagram. (I know there's not much there right now, but it's a 2021 hope to be more active!)

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