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Saturdays, at 9:00am | Berkeley YMCA (Beginning June 1, 2024)

Saturdays, at 11:00am | Richmond Parkway YMCA

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Gear Recommendations

1. Yoga mat

High-quality mats will have good grip, which is helpful for balancing poses. Choose thicker padding if you have sensitive knees, and less padding if you want to travel light. If you are above 5'7'' consider a "tall" yoga mat.

I bought my Manduka eKo mat in 2015, and it is still holding up well.

2. Yoga blocks (9'' x 6'' x 4'')

I think the first yoga "prop" you invest in should be blocks. They come in handy for most basic moves like Triangle, Half Hanuman, Half Moon, and even for sitting cross-legged in Sukhasana. Using blocks helps with correct alignment, so that your body actually benefits from the pose.

I have these cork blocks from Amazon.

3. Yoga strap

Yoga straps are used in more advanced alignment assists, but I mainly use them to floss my shoulders and reach for my feet in proper alignment.

I have this strap. For most purposes, you can also use any rope-like object such as a cloth belt, or even a long-sleeved shirt.


DeAnn Barry

Lucid Dawn

Maria Christina

Matt Toy

Sonya Genel Dresser

I'm also grateful to my teachers beyond the yoga mat.